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Dear pupils, teachers and all visitors, we would like to draw your attention that this humble document is made by pupils, so it's still open to suggestions, corrections and of course enhancement.
Your recommendations are welcome!!



    This year is a special year in Tunisia which has known a fantastic revolution, the 14th

of January revolution.
As young people, we have learnt that citizenship is a value that

needs to be shared by all Tunisians. Thus, we have decided to offer this book to

students in all parts of the country, students who couldn’t attend classes because the

situation was such that there were no classes.

This book, “Revision Book “ is a reference book for the 4th year secondary

education.It is meant to supply students with a grammar and vocabulary summary of

the different structures and word lists covered throughout the school year. Samples of

essays as well as of previous tests and exams will be included in this book for further

practice and better preparation for the Bac exam.

We,4th form Maths  pupils from Sahafiin school , would like to thank our English

teacher” Mrs Nawrez Hsayri Ben Youssef” for her  support and motivation to show

our positive and fruitful  involvement in the revolution through this product . Therefore,

we have worked hard to show our solidarity towards our colleagues in all parts of our

country in order to help in revising English and being ready to take the Bac exam.

  We would also like to thank all the English teachers who offered us their help and

advice.  We do hope that students will find the material relevant, useful and varied and

we can only wish good luck and success for both us and you.